With a general interest in the locksmith industry, and all things home improvement and property related, we started this blog. Mostly so we could just write about stuff that comes to mind, experiences, recommendations, etc. etc.

Over time, we hope that this blog will contain a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics and is helpful to at least one or two people. Like a kid with a shiny new bike, we intend to be quite active on this blog and fill it up with lots of juicy content.

As well as topics related to door locks, security locks, window locks, etc., security systems and general household security, we also have an interest in other home improvement areas and also property in general. We love tinkering around the house, and when we stuff things up, we’ll call in the experts and we love to write about those experiences.

We welcome all feedback, should you have any please feel free to use our Contact page to get in touch.

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