Tips On How To Maintain Your Metal Roof

Maintaining a metal roof

The secret to having a roofing system that serves you for a long time and still looks a good as new is proper maintenance. It is a routine that does not require world-class skills. You mostly will need to employ some bit of common sense and exercise safety when cleaning and maintaining your metal roof. Below are the four main things you need to do:

• Watch out for debris.

• Do repairs and ensure there are no holes or gaps.

• Tighten loose screws and replace any that are missing.

• Properly prep and paint.

  1. Watch out for debris
    Leaves and branches are the common types of debris found on most roofs. However, these things increase the risk of corrosion of metal roofs more so when they start to decay. Therefore, you should not allow them to accumulate on your roof and gutters. Break out the ladder and assess your roof with a broom in hand to sweep away the debris. You also can run some water using a hose to wash down the dirt down the gutter and the downspouts.
  2. Do repairs and ensure there are no holes or gaps
    Repairs will often be an outcome of thorough inspections. You need to assess your metal roof for any unforeseen issues that need immediate fixing. Metal is a resilient material, but it will serve you longer if you show it some TLC. Check for any corroded sections, gaps or holes and even any loose seams that need repairing. At times, touching up these areas with some quality metal roofing sealant will suffice. However, it is advisable to cover the roof with a waterproof sealant completely.
  3. Tighten loose screws and replace any that are missing
    Check every screw to ensure that it is tightly secured in place. Any loose screws can lead to leaks and increase the likelihood of corrosion. Some screws become loose over the years as they endure different weather conditions. Therefore, you should examine the roof to ensure everything is secure and replacing any missing washers or screws.
  4. Properly prep and paint
    Painting metal roofs can be a suitable way of protecting it from the elements. If you feel that your metal roofing may do with some paint job, then you need to clean the entire surface before applying the paint. You will get rid of dust, dirt and any debris that may get trapped underneath the coat of paint. Most importantly, you should use quality paint designed for metal surfaces. Do not opt for spray paints. You will need to get hands-on using a brush or roller and do two or three coats, apply the next after the first dries.

Thank you to Roof Restoration Canberra for the guidance with the information for this post.