Common Problems Experienced With Metal Roofs

Knowing the common problems associated with metal roof systems will help to prevent major issues from occurring that could result in costly repairs. Metal roofs tend to have fewer long-term problems than asphalt shingles or concrete roof tiles. Leaking Common events that can cause a metal roof to spring a leak include weather occurrences as […]

Common Problems With Tile Roofs That You May Be Experiencing

Do you currently have a tile roof? These can be extremely reliable, but you do have to consider the problems that can occur. They are not as sturdy as a corrugated steel roof, which means they may have issues with impacts or the tiles may come off during a windstorm. These problems are sometimes easy […]

What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Materials Out There?

What are the various types of roofing materials. You may have more choices than you’re thinking, even when it comes to shingles. Plus, you want to pay attention to manufacturers and their warranties. The warranties on the same roofing materials can vary by manufacturer. And they certainly vary when it comes to the roofing choices […]